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NEW PPP Loan Data (3/8/21). Carson City and ALL Northern Nevada

Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2021 7:01 pm
by MOD1
Here’s the newest Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) data for Carson City, NV and ALL Northern Nevada. Both the first and second round of loans, of all sizes, are included. Sort by name or address to find double dippers.

There have been 7.5M PPP loans made; 2.4M in 2021. The forgivable loans total $687B, to date.

The PPP loan program is rife with fraud. Not a single case has been prosecuted in Northern Nevada and only 100 nationwide. Here’s a link to the FBI list of white collar crime prosecutions, not just PPP fraud:

Report What You Know.

Carson City, NV PPP Loan Data (3/8/21)!Ase9OJqkJ2TpiPUgOQD ... A?e=j28JKd

There have been 1320 PPP loans in Carson City, NV. They total $143M.

ALL Northern Nevada PPP Loan Data (3/8/21)!Ase9OJqkJ2TpiPUj2_s ... g?e=02OgTp

There have been 14,799 PPP loans in Northern Nevada. They total $1.445B.