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Britton Griffith, Ethics Opinion 18-114 C. Reno Planning Commission and Reno City Council.

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:59 am
by CUB
Here’s the NV Ethics Commission Opinion on Britton Griffith, former vice chair of the Reno Planning Commission. The NV Ethics Opinion, 18-114 C, relates to Britton Griffith’s short time on the Reno Planning Commission.

Britton Griffith was appointed to the Reno Planning Commission by Mayor Hillary Schieve after she failed to be appointed to a Reno City Council vacancy. Britton Griffith had little experience for such a position, other than working for her father, Vince Griffith, who maintains an office in Reno City Hall. He is best known for his Reno Engineering company. It was a purely political appointment that sought to groom her for a Reno City Council seat. Britton Griffith has tried three times to get a Reno City Council seat; most recently as a candidate supported by Mayor Hillary Schieve. Ms. Griffith came in a distant third in the 2020 primary for Ward 1, currently held by Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus. It is no secret that Mayor Schieve does not like the fiercely independent Jenny Brekhus, and publicly backed Britton Griffith to unseat her. Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus was reelected November 3, 2020.

Britton Griffith is the Manager for RLC First, LLC, a company owned by her father, Vince Griffith. Attorney Mark Thierman represents RLC First, LLC in a bitter, ongoing lawsuit again the Arlington Towers Homeowners Association (CV17-01673). Vince Griffith and Mark Thierman own the first three commercial floors of Arlington Towers, an historic hi-rise at First and Arlington Street. A second lawsuit, CV20-00702, resulted in an injunction against Mr. Griffith and Mr. Thierman for their egregious actions against the Arlington Towers Homeowners Association. They are appealing the injunction.

On 12/20/17, Britton Griffith did not recuse herself in a matter before the Reno Planning Commission that involved attorney Mark Thierman. The City of Reno was attempting to regulate and/or relocate the City’s strip clubs from downtown Reno. Attorney Mark Thierman represented several of the strip clubs and opposed any regulation or relocation of the strip clubs. In that Reno Planning Commission meeting, Mr. Thierman threatened a $50M lawsuit to bankrupt the City of Reno (he has filed multiple lawsuits against the City). An ethics complaint was filed against Britton Griffith for failing to recuse herself as vice chair of the Reno Planning Commission while attorney Thierman was simultaneously representing her and her father, and the strip clubs.

The Nevada Ethics Commission found no need for the vice chair of the Reno Planning Commission to disclose the conflict or recuse herself: ... k-Thierman

Britton Griffith knew of the active Ethics Complaint against her, but never disclosed it on any of her applications for a Reno City Council seat. Another ethics issue was raised in public comment during her second attempt to be appointed to the Reno City Council: ... -on-Ethics

Re: Britton Griffith, Ethics Opinion 18-114 C. Reno Planning Commission and Reno City Council.

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2020 9:29 am
by MOD1
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